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Welcome to Darkest Dreams, web collective and home of of Patricia, aka lafemmedarla. You can find a list of my current sites below and navigation to other areas on the right.
Beautiful Madness.
Darla/Drusilla fansite/fiction archive/writers' resource and Darla/Drusilla zone of BtVS Writers' Guild. Because there's something alluring about shopping sprees and prettty vampire girls.
Fansite for stage singer/actress Ashley Brown. She's cute, has a great voice and has been in both Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins. What's not to love?
Have You Met Miss Jones?.
A fansite for the Tenth Doctor's Companion, Martha Jones. so what if she hasn't been onscreen yet? We love her already!
Poisoned Honey.
Home to my fanfiction. Mostly Angelverse and Beauty and the Beast, but other fandoms as well. Most of them of an adult nature. You've been warned.
All about slashing Darla.
Slice of Life.
A fansite for Showtime's Dexter. Because there's never been a more huggable serial killer.
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